Key Features

As a daughter of Gaia I am here to serve. I am here to serve the Willing Woman.

I work with women who are here to awaken, and embrace the power of their Divine Feminine.

Women who are willing to go where it is ‘uncomfortable’. To dig through their unconscious self-beliefs, societal taboos, and thought patterns developed simply by being a woman in this life.

Through my own life’s experiences I discovered this power that lies within women. Within our physical anatomy and our energetic make up. This discovery led me to study and explore the real potential we hold.

In working with me, women are held in a deeply sacred space to explore their relationship between their spirituality and sexuality.

To remember their womb space is actually a powerhouse. A battery pack for their heart’s intelligence. In order to awaken, a women must embody her sacred womb, turn it on, activate it.

What I offer is a range of services to meet each women where she is at. Introductory courses for women who are just beginning to explore the concept of the Divine Feminine, right up to deep one-on-one sessions of the ancient tantric art of Intuitive Yoni Massage.

A woman who works with me, is a woman who is ready to become so much more.

Amy x