Key Features

Angelique is an EFT practitioner and a current student of Energy Psychology with world renowned teacher Dawson Church. She has studied EFT for many years and facilitates profound change for her clients.

Angelique studies Optimal EFT with the creator of EFT, Gary Craig. Gary’s Optimal EFT is deeply spiritual and profound. She has also studied TFT (thought field therapy, the forerunner of EFT) as taught by the founder of tapping therapies, Roger Callahan. Her EFT One and Two levels were done with associate professor Dr Peta Stapleton of Bond University. Angelique has also studied Evidence Based EFT with Dr Stapleton. She is currently working with psychologist Steve Wells and his Intention-based Energy Process.

Combining this with 36 years of experience as a spiritual guide, teacher and leader, Angelique brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to your private session, group and class situation.

Her spiritual guidance work is intuitive and she brings this into all aspects of your time together, using colour, chakras, Divine Light, creative visualisation and more. And of course there are always the Angels of Light and Loveliness to colour the way. She has been a channel for the Brotherhood of Light (includes the Sisterhood of course!) for nearly 30 years.