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I teach women to embrace their darkness to meet their light.. I take women beyond their despair to embrace their inner beauty! Have you ever stood in front of the change room mirror in your favourite shop and berated yourself for the way you look in the funky jeans you have just put on? Noticing and quietly commenting on every thing you see that is ugly and needs to change. Your stomach is too big, your back boobs have to go, that’s it, lettuce and cucumber for a week. Your butt doesn’t look the way it ‘should’. Your body is all wrong. ‘Get to the gym.’ ‘Don’t be such a fatty.’ ‘OMG why did you eat that hot chip?’ ‘Why am I so hideous…’ The noise gets louder and louder. You rip the funky jeans off in disgust and walk out of the change room. When the sales assistant asks you how you went, you feel like she is rubbing salt in your open and weeping wounds. Instead of saying, ‘Oh they weren’t right for my perfectly imperfect body’, you start apologising for having a body that is far from perfect, hard to dress and well just crap. Like it’s your fault for not being born with “societies view” of the perfect female body. I mean what even is that??? This is me. I am this woman. A few short weeks after my first child, I stood in front of the mirror of my fave shop, HATING, DESPISING my body. Disgusted by the monstrosity that stood before me. Allowing myself to see only the countless things that needed to change, that needed to be ‘better’. Not seeing any of the achievements I had accomplished. The beautiful 4.2kg baby boy I had carried and birthed. They literally meant NOHING to me in this moment because my body didn’t stack up to the unrealistic pressures imposed on it by ME. My life long accomplishments along with any shred of self worth that I clutched to dropped to the ground like an unwanted election flyer. For as long as I can remember, my reflection in the mirror sparked a brutal battle within my mind. A barrage of mean and downright nasty comments flew out me and hit the poor defenceless women staring back at me in despair. ‘How can anyone love you?’, ‘You’re fat!’ ‘You’re ugly’, ‘Who do you think you are?’… It’s been a wild journey of self discovery, incredible highs, back breaking lows and everything in between. My worth as a woman, as a human was measured by my physical appearance. I say NO MORE! No more self hatred, it’s freaking exhausting. It’s so 1999, let’s change the way that we, as woman view our beauty not only for our sakes, but that of our children. As a mum to 3 girls, I am on a mission to ensure they grow up loving everything about their beautiful minds, bodies and souls. Feeling empowered to love and appreciate themselves just as they are. I want the same for all women and their daughters. The prosecutor… ME! The perpetrator… Society. When did we, as a collective decide what ‘beautiful’ was and wasn’t? That to be beautiful you had a look a certain way, that your boobs had to be a certain size, your eye brows manicured, your lips plump?? It is time for a new paradigm. It is time to change the way society views ‘beauty’. The way WE view beauty. The way we, the women of the collective value our worth. This much needed change is why I make the commitment every day to see myself for the courageous, powerful, glorious woman that I am Let me show you how to see deeper, beyond your physical appearance, to the real you. The untouchable you. The you, you have been scouring the earth to find. The you that is right here, inside of you Help me change your perception of Beauty and in turn the worlds! I am a mum of 4 beautiful and energetic children aged 10, 8, 4 and 2. 1 boy followed by 3 girls. They are my why. I do this work for them and their future as much as I do it for myself. I live in the Upper Murray, the foothills of the snowy mountains, with my husband and our 4 kids. I love everything about country living… the space, the community, the views, the intimacy with nature, the peacefulness. I feel extremely blessed to be bringing our family up on the farm, with the freedom to explore, ride horses, and swim in the freshest of rivers. I am a social butterfly, I love people, I love spending time with people and of course I love to see people grow. Baking to me is fun and… well my family doesn’t mind taste testing my creations… and on occasion my youngest likes to grill my cakes instead of baking them – haha. I play social netball with one of our local clubs… by social, I mean… well it feels serious to me, I have to wear a Lycra uniform. There is something about being part of a team that I LOVE. The bonds created, the camaraderie, the feeling of belonging and the commitment. Hmmm what else can I share about myself, I love Cloth Nappies, Designers bums are number one pick, I love to be sustainable where we can, and am always challenging myself and others to do better for our environment. I love to joke and laugh and not take life too seriously, I believe we are here for a good time, to laugh, to be happy, to grow and to learn. Most importantly I believe we are here to grow as a collective, to continue to make the world a better place to live in. Brie x