Key Features

My spirituality journey started because of a Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Breast Cancer diagnosis caused by too much stress and my focus exclusively on my corporate career and family. Over the next seven years on my journey to health, I healed my body by integrating western, eastern and energy medicine. I studied Kinesiology, became a Dru-Yoga teacher, and founded my Kinesiology clinic and Yoga studio.

In 2018, the Intuitive Intelligence Third Level completed my energy medicine training with its science-based teachings, the integration of spiritual laws and its focus on the heart wisdom.

In 2020, I became a certified Intuitive Intelligence teacher, allowing me to share this life-changing knowledge with my clients and students. In my energy medicine work, I describe Intuitive Intelligence as Heart Wisdom and Inner Knowing.

I guide and teach women to build a strong spiritual connection to their heart wisdom. In my Heart Wisdom workshops, Yoga classes and Kinesiology sessions, I hold the healing space and facilitate the stillness so that we can hear our deep inner knowing and heart wisdom. Knowing how to overcome my fears and quickly aligning back and trusting the divine oneness allows me to live peacefully and focus on my service.