Key Features

My name is Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, and I am the Principal and Founder of the Institute.

I am an intuitive intelligence educator, and the Third Level is my life’s work.

My vision, as gifted to me in a profound initiation, is to train 5,000 women globally as contemporary priestesses of nonlocal consciousness, mystics and sacred leaders. Qualifying women as Intuitive Intelligence Trainers and Teachers is how this happens. The work these women go on to do in the world is diverse, dynamic and life-changing.

I have spent over three decades on the path of consciousness-raising, and in the sacred container of the Third Level, I scaffold you to access the profound work of a deep faith, and I support you to increase your power to serve.

The Institute has grown exponentially every year and I know this is as a direct result of living in accordance with the laws that govern the Universe. Now, I am honoured to share everything I know and everything I am with you. We do not do this work of awakening for ourselves alone.

Let us lead the revolution in awakening consciousness for all.

I invite you to book in your interview and to spend some time with me one to one. Together we can establish if the Third Level is the next best step for your path of sacred service.

All my fiercest love,