Key Features

Elisha Halpin is a leader, teacher, author, mentor, and speaker who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to open the path for women to step into the transformational changes needed to live their most glorious life. Elisha is a Wayshower, Modern-day Priestess, and a Soul Alchemist. Elisha’s work calls you to claim your birthright of radiance and live as the full authentic you. The basis of her work is Intuitive Intelligence, energy science, Neurosculpting, and somatic embodiment. Through the use of tools such as daily rituals, embodied practice, breathwork, journaling, connecting to divine feminine power, neuro-repatterning, and energy healing, Elisha facilitates women in a rebirthing of their wild, free, and whole Self. Her superpowers include being able to see both the soul truth and root wounds that a woman needs to bring into integration and the ability to facilitate that process with love, lots of laughter, and joy.

Before the Institute my business was unclarified. I was willing to serve but did not believe I could serve in the high level and impactful way I felt called. I choose to enroll as an opportunity to step more fully into the Mystic Priestess Leader and to anchor my trust in my non-local intuition. One of the things I hoped to achieve in joining the Institute was a community. I not only gained a community I gained a “home” for my spiritual and professional development. I have used what I learned to further my research into Embodiment, stepping forward as leading-edge research and transformational work. I am also honored to use what I learned in my mentoring of the Third Level Program as well as the creating and teaching of the Intuitive Intelligence Embodiment program for the Advance Trainers. My life and business look completely different than before joining the Institute. I have created a life I love, a business that allows me to serve in my genius, and research that is taking into places I could never have imagined. Being part of the Institute is literally the best decision I have ever made. The journey was not always easy but it is so worth it!