Key Features

Gemma Sykes is a leading intuitive mentor, visionary artist and meditation facilitator who empowers women to surrender their bullshit stories that keep us prisoner to living a mediocre existence.

Her nurturing and cheeky, yet no-nonsense approach to guiding you back to the gravitas of your true potential is profoundly life-changing.

Having been on this path for more than 11 years Gemma has navigated her way through the debilitating depths of anxiety and applied her knowledge and teachings to her own evolution emerging from mess to muse, and from hiding to thriving. Gemma is a firm believer that we do not lack potential, It is always there, we simply lack self-belief/worth or confidence and are wedded to our comfort zones. Gemma’s zone of genius is to push these boundaries so we can surrender our “little” selves and unapologetically own the expansive, authentic, powerful, magnificent self we truly are. Optimizing our full potential.

Gemma is passionate about building a community of empowered woman that accept all facets of self. We are fearless in the pursuit of what our heart desires and are fiercely congruent on this journey allowing our actions to match our faith. So let’s ask ourselves are these current bullshit/faulty fear belief stories worth it? Are they serving us? Are they serving the collective? And if not it comes down to choice, chance, and change. We have the choice at any given moment to take a chance to profoundly change our lives.

The decision is ours and together we have got this!

All of my love,