Key Features

Helen-Marie is a fearlessly compassionate Consciousness Guide devoted to seeing women connected to their unique Spirituality through Ancestral Wisdom come into influential positions in their networks and communities. She lives to evolve the idea of leadership that we have today into something that works for a broader collective. She is particularly passionate about working with Black, Brown & Indigenous Women of Colour who have come from backgrounds where their voices have been marginalized or minimized, to tap into their inner wisdom for self-actualization that sends a ripple effect beyond their communities through their confidence, excellence, and openness. In this way, we move the wellness conversation beyond healing to thriving.

Helen-Marie works with clients through tools and methods that open access to the Theta brain wave state, through Intuitive Intelligence, embodiment, meditation, and sound bowls. She also teaches African Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) / Smai Tawi Yoga to complement working with consciousness though the body. She has supported women with moving on from careers that no longer serve them, releasing fear that holds them back from embracing the new opportunities available for them as they grow, finding space in their lives for deeper self-awareness, and improving their overall sense of wellbeing.