Key Features

Jade Hodgkin is an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner with a background in bodywork and energy healing. At the heart of her work is her passion for empowering people to take ownership of their healing and connect with their intuition. Jade supports her clients by determining the root cause of their physical and emotional symptoms or dis-ease and supports them to release energetic blockages that disrupt their wellbeing and intuitive knowing.

As an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, her mission is to take the nurturing of her client’s health and wellness beyond the physical, nourishing the mind, body, and soul. Her clients understand that taking care of their WHOLE being is where true healing takes place. Jade’s work focuses on ensuring ALL energy layers are cared for, so her client’s can experience vitality, ease, flow and confidence to trust in their intuition. From this space, it’s easier to take inspired action and create a life they love.