Key Features

Kellie is a Scientist and Sidereal Astrologer. Humans have been gazing at the planets and Stars for thousands, if not millions of years. Just as the moon pulls on our body’s waters and the sun dictates our circadian rhythm, the movement of the planets are reflective of both the cycles on Earth and the changes within each of us. Kellie is here to show you how Astrology referenced to Astronomy can help you understand yourself deeply, take personal responsibility for your challenges / weaknesses, lean into your natural gifts and strengths and tap into your ultimate purpose to be of highest joy and service this life. Reconnecting you to the ecological being that you are, Earth and Spirit, ending separation, so we can imagine the New Earth, together, unified!

Kellie provides professional training to work with the archetypal energy of the Planets and Cosmos, as well as Natal Birth Chart Evaluations and ongoing Spiritual Mentoring for Intuitive Business people.