Key Features

Kia West is a Spiritual Director and founder of Kia Creative Channel. A self-identified Shadow Archetype and Psychospirituality Geek, she supports her community to live their fully expressed Integrated Identity. Integrated Identity is the process of becoming whole with who we are RIGHT NOW. Vulnerable Visibility is a framework that supports this process. It is centered on Archetypal storytelling, a creative way of unpacking the patterns of behavior that show up in our lives. Whether it be in a 1:1 or group session that provides Integrative Practices and Psychospiritual education, or a dynamic photoshoot experience that allows the Archetypes to be honored and revered in a bold and courageous piece of expression, Vulnerable Visibility is the intentional act of humility that says THIS IS ALL OF ME.

Kia is a Spiritually Fierce Mental Health Ally on a mission to promote awareness and education that supports those who are Vulnerable to be included and accepted for their complexities. Guided by the mana of her wairua and tipuna, anchored by her deep connection to the earth, she is an embodied expression of humility and grace that inspires (and at times provokes) polarising worlds to cross the bridge back to wholeness.