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Dr. Leandra Brady-Walker: A Pioneer in Energy-Based Chiropractic

Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is a visionary in the world of chiropractic care and holistic healing. As the founder of Lumos Energy Body, Leandra has established the world’s first chiropractic practice dedicated exclusively to energy-based treatments.

Seeking to go beyond the superficial and physical, Leandra interviewed Dr Ricci-Jane on her podcast in 2016 but it wasn’t until 2022 that she enrolled in The Method. Something truly radical happens when you choose to face all parts of yourself, get over your own littleness and embrace your God nature. Leandra has since become a cornerstone of this program, contributing as a lead mentor and teacher in every intake since her own training.

Today, Leandra is at the forefront of where chiropractic and the energetic world meet, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in energy-based chiropractic care. By relocating her work and family to Portugal and teaching The Method all over Europe, Leandra is the living embodiment of what is possible when you let God lead.