Key Features

After her 6th major operation, feeling dejected, resigned and hiding under her duvet, she received an angry voice mail message from her best friend to stop hiding, playing small and get out of her pity party. The call awakened her, and an intuitive nudge sparked her passion for the unconscious and Flow. That led her to leave her corporate job of 18 years to do brain scanning studies and realise that she could help and empower more than herself. It would start her mission to introduce intuitive intelligence and Flow to the mainstream wellness and corporate world.

Nila is a neuroscience and behavioural expert, intuitive intelligence trainer, and creator of Awakening Flow. Her service is as unique as the intersection that she sits; the intersection of science, spirituality and technology wrapped in Goddess mythology. She works with corporates, entrepreneurs, and individuals to understand unconscious processes and energetics and get to the unseen’s root. As a soul & flow coach, she helps individuals find their purpose, heighten their creativity, heal and open up to their intuition.

Her behavioural expertise allows Nila to design consciousness and behaviours that lead to transformational habit change. For companies, she offers consultancy to design intuitive-behaviourally led tech-for-good product solutions that resonate and engage customers deeper.

Nila believes that when we are in Flow, which is an optimal state of being and consciousness, we also shine and allow others to shine. When we can shine in our zone of expertise and power, we stop feeling small, stuck and sabotaged, which stalls our legacy and dreams, and often affects our life force energy, nervous system and health, as ‘the body holds the score’. Nila is also a volunteer mental health tutor and runs PebblesStory, a local miscarriage support group and Reiki healer.