Key Features

‘Love yourself now, because if you don’t, who will?’

From a lifetime of spiritual seeking, to overcoming her own body image barriers, low self-worth, anxiety and depression, Sandra Amalfi is a source of intuitive wisdom and empowerment, who’s is on a mission to inspire and uplift women to remember who they are by discovering a deeper meaning and purpose to their lives, beyond their ego identities, body shape and weight.

As a Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor Sandra is devoted to helping women transform their limiting beliefs & fears, by using a heart-centred approach of identifying patterns that no longer serve them by discovering how to create ones that do. She provides instructions and training on how to gain access to the primordial wisdom within the untapped portion of the unconscious brain, to enable the healing process to begin.

Through her passionate approach, Sandra will aim to comfort your spiritual anguish and dispel the helplessness of ‘who am I” or “I don’t know what to do next”. She will encourage you to feel the call of the Fierce Feminine so you too can embrace your sacred mission and allow it to harmonize your mind and set you free. When a woman allows the justice of the Fierce Feminine to flow within her, she will become an active participant in the embodiment of change.

Sandra truly believes that when a woman changes the way she thinks about her body, her whole world changes.

“A ‘busy’, passionate mother of 3 working part time in the fitness industry as a personal trainer to women, in 2008 I emotionally “broke down” from exhaustion which lead to a series of physical health dis-eases and dis-harmonies . It was in that moment of helplessness, I began a journey of self discovery to heal my body and mind. Having worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and carrying my own struggles with body image barriers, I thought I was well equipped with knowledge to heal. However, I was wrong. As I began to awaken more I found myself on a journey through the dark night of the soul . Scared and very confused , it wasn’t until I intuitively said YES to the third level in 2018 that I discovered what I called the ‘missing link’. It was re-connecting and unlocking the key to all the answers. My soul. The real me. Finally, from a lifetime of spiritual seeking, I was able to overcome my body image barriers, low self worth, lose excess weight, by retraining my consciousness and connecting to my intuitive Intelligence. I now train and mentor women on their journey of awakening to discover their deeper meaning and purpose to life. It is my mission and hope to lead a revolution for all mothers, daughters, and grandmothers: to reclaim their voice, radically love & self-accept their bodies and heal their self worth stories. And most importantly, I want to see her laugh again ! ”