Key Features

Sandra Amalfi has spent the last three decades being insatiably curious about all matters of women’s health and human behaviour – mind, body & soul. She is a personal trainer and has a certificate in counselling hypnotherapy and is an Intuitive Guide. Her mission is to help women overcome their body image barriers. She serves awakening courageous women who are willing to put an end to their stories and limiting beliefs centred around their bodies and how it stops them from living in their true essence and a life of joy and bliss. Sandra works with women from the inside out and intuitively to reconnect to their hearts intelligence so they can build confidence and love themselves unconditionally. Sandra believes that when a woman discovers how to shift her internal state it will exponentially assist the revolution of healing humanity and will put an end to body shame and image. This is freedom, as you are so much more than your physical body!


“A ‘busy’, passionate stay home mother of 3 working part time in the fitness industry as a personal trainer to women. In 2008 I had my first ‘breakdown’ from exhaustion which lead to a series of dis-ease and dis-harmony . I began a journey of self discovery to heal my body and mind. Having worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and carrying my own struggles with body image barriers, I thought I was well equipped with knowledge to heal. However, I was wrong. As I began to awaken more I found myself on a journey through the dark night of the soul . Scared and very confused , it wasn’t until I intuitively said YES to the third level in 2018 that I discovered what I called the ‘missing link’. It was re-connecting and unlocking the key to all the answers. My soul. The real me. Finally, from a lifetime of spiritual seeking, I was able to overcome my body image barriers, low self worth, lose excess weight, by retraining my consciousness and connecting to my intuitive Intelligence. I now train and mentor women on their journey of awakening to discover their deeper meaning and purpose to life. It is my mission and hope to lead a revolution for all mothers, daughters, and grandmothers: to reclaim their voice, radically love & self-accept their bodies and heal their self worth stories.”