Key Features

Sonja is a leadership specialist, intuitive intelligence® trainer, and principal consultant of The Expansion Practice. She brings a unique alchemy to her clients from her twenty years of leadership and organizational development experience, along with her realization that she – like each of you – is also deeply intuitive.

In her own journey, she’s had the opportunity to work with both visionary and textbook toxic leaders, and many others who fall somewhere in between. After a decade of supporting leaders to scale their organization’s impact, Sonja has unique insight into the leadership required to successfully navigate and sustain that course. As a result, she is committed to bringing forth a new paradigm of leadership, where we are living and leading from our highest form of intelligence – our intuitive intelligence® – while creating transformational change in organizational culture.

Sonja works with leaders and social purpose organizations that recognize their purpose is far greater than their fear of expansion. Those who have reached a plateau or personal burnout, feeling they’ve hit the limit for what is possible with their current level of understanding. Those ready to expand their capacity to lead beyond the subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back.