Key Features

Sonja is a leadership consultant, intuitive intelligence trainer and principal of The Expansion Practice. She brings a unique alchemy to her clients from her two decades of leadership experience and her realization that she – like each of you – is also deeply intuitive.

In her own journey, she’s had the opportunity to work with both visionary and textbook toxic leaders, and many others who fall somewhere in between. She’s been praised for her own leadership, and she’s also been vilified, each experience supporting her own growth and expansion as a leader.

And all of these have brought her to this point in time where she is committed to bringing forth a new type of leader into the world. One who is living and leading from their highest form of intelligence: the Intuitive Intelligent Leader.

It is her mission to work with those who are ready to embody their power, who want to be deeply connected to and activated by their purpose. Those who have the courage to be real, vulnerable, and wrong because they prioritize learning and growing, appreciating that stepping away from what we ‘know’ is how we evolve.