Key Features

Thalia Kleckin is a Human-centered Leadership Coach, Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker who empowers conscious individuals and companies to lead with humanity, drive change, and create impact at scale. Thalia teaches leaders to master their thoughts, emotions, and energy with intuitive intelligence tools and strategies so they can build workplace cultures that foster connection, trust, inclusivity, and embrace authenticity.

Her passion for leadership, and facilitating transformation in others started when she was promoted to Team Lead more than two decades ago. She continued to successfully progress her career and she enjoyed roles such as Customer Service Manager, Learning and Development Manager, company Coach & Trainer, and HR Business Partner until 4 years ago when she started her own coaching & consultancy business.

What makes her unique in this field is the ability to leverage her 25 years of corporate experience in leadership, coaching, facilitation, combined with her expertise in intuitive intelligence to help companies achieve their goals.

Thalia is a certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Teacher, and international qualified Life Coach, who partners with Leaders, Founders, and Entrepreneurs, and supports them in co-creating human-centered cultures that boost employee engagement and focus on connection and purpose.