Key Features

My business management and project management work has always been about bringing a vision to the world in an efficient way. It’s really difficult to be efficient when you’re living in overwhelm. Overwhelm from family demands and work demands. Lists and software are not enough to become more efficient and to make aligned decisions and choices. If your body is tense, there’s a knot in your stomach and you find yourself feeling angry and resentful, it’s difficult to hear your intuition. It’s almost impossible to make intentional choices and hear your inner voice. Life might throw huge challenges your way.

Until you have the tools to manage yourself and your energy first, it is difficult to make aligned choices.

How can you tell what to run towards when you are kicking and pushing against everything?

How can you tell what to choose or how to decide when everything feels unsafe?

Your life and your work are a reflection of what you hold within. You might find yourself biting your tongue or letting your emotional state lead you to making knee jerk decisions.

I help womxn find what is true for them and express it in a compassionate way.

I work with womxn who want to move away from living in overwhelm and self sabotage to living an aligned and efficient life with ease and Grace.