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Tina’s career spanning fifteen years in the medical industry combined with her experience of teaching yoga and intuition has enabled her to serve her clients on the deepest level. She now has a passion to empower women to become their own healers. Tina became a mother to two children in the space of one year. Her entry into motherhood was marked by a quick return to work, followed by burnout, shingles and the development of an opioid addiction to manage the subsequent Post Herpetic Neuralgia (a chronic pain condition). These events pushed Tina to embark on a yoga journey to reconnect with her intuition and foster self-acceptance, self-healing and ultimately, transformation. Her first book, “Mother’s Medicine: The Birth of My Intuition” is a memoir about this experience. Tina now uses her own experience to assist other mothers to uncover and release subconscious fears that drain their energy and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Tina regularly hosts intimate Yin yoga classes and spiritual retreats, teaches Intuitive Intelligence and offers one-on-one consultations as a qualified medical intuitive.


Before I enrolled at the Institute I was a Yoga Teacher working in my own community. I always felt like I needed to take my students deeper though and knew I wanted to be able to offer them healing on a spiritual level. I was hoping to achieve through studying Intuition the support and sisterhood that would enhance my skills and help me out of hiding. The tools I’ve gained have been practical but mostly its my self esteem which has grown so I’ve been able to stand in my power and fully own my story. Business and life now with this evolving maturity is leading me into new areas and collaborations I never thought would be possible. My kids & hubby are also fully on board with their ‘mystic mum’ and now all join me on the meditation mat.