Key Features

Tosca is a magnet for joy, I believe we should all be living our most joyful life. I am a catalyst for personal change, the alchemist who intuitively guides you from judgement to joy by exposing fear, limitation and self-doubt. I guide women by using tools of intuitive intelligence, breath work, transformative meditation, radiant yoga and soulful hypnotherapy. We journey together to reclaim our joyful magnificence. I offer a compassionate service that this highly attuned to your needs. Providing a nurturing space/platform to cultivate non-judgment, loving kindness and grace with the deepest unconditional positive regard. These are the foundational pillars that underpin the service of Tosca’s Serenity to empower you to make a positive change for optimal wellbeing and self-actualisation.


My life and business have dramatically changed over the last 3 years since studying with the Institute. My life is so different as I was overwhelmed before to now being overjoyed. I now weave and craft magic and joy into my days and business. I chose to enrol with the Institute as I had spent time researching and found that Ricci- Jane’s pedagogical rigour and excellence was exemplary. I achieved a new way of living and being in the world trusting my intuition and heart. I am using the Intuitive Intelligence tools to deepen into the mysteries of the sacred goddess by living in accordance with these principles and laws personally and professionally. I am so very thankful for the deep transformative journey, sisterhood and collective community.