Key Features

Hello, I am Tosca: The Joyful Goddess and I lead women to have freedom from despair and hopelessness.

It is my mission for women, teenagers, and girls to own their worth, embody their passion, know their power and be the Goddess.

To lead the revolution for great social change with compassion, courage, and freedom.

To embody the Goddess and reclaim the soul fire that burns deeply within every woman.

I envision a compassionate world, where we are all free.

What do I do:

  • In this deeply transformative work, I blend modern and ancient teachings to reconnect women/ teens and girls to their inherent holy and magnificent Goddess power by owning their choices and creating potent change.
  • I dismantle core beliefs entangled in the nervous and energetic systems, stories of limitation and victimhood, immobilization, and misaligned power to create potent change with courage and clarity.
  • I lead women to ignite their soul fire through their bodies, connect to their innate wisdom and awaken their holy Goddess power.
  • I teach the Joyful and Intuitive Goddess group programs, Embodied Goddess Retreats, weekly yoga, and breath sessions. I offer one on one sessions for women/ mothers & teens/girls to support connection, self-worth, confidence, and aligned power.