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I want to talk about power and sacred leadership

Particularly as women on this spiritual path, we resist or are actually downright terrified of our power and why does this happen?

What I really wanted to look at was what this new paradigm of sacred leadership is beyond gender and beyond form, beyond the masculine or feminine, beyond how we do it. How does power play out in this new paradigm? And how can we begin to connect to sacred power beyond the man-made human-made dream level reality?

I feel like a lot of the conversations were sort of replacing one dogmatic system with another dogmatic system. All of my work is underpinned by the idea that we are simply inhabitants of a dream and that dream is here to support us to awaken.

But it, in fact, is simply a projection of our beliefs and their collective as well as individual beliefs and so we don’t want to just replace one set of beliefs with another we really want to find a way to transcend belief to experience what sacred power, sacred leadership is.

This is really where the way that I am talking about and teaching about sacred leadership is coming from an experiential model. An idea of what it is to embody, to inhabit the sacred and what happens as a result of that.

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