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Rise Sister Rise

By Nicole Robinson


The path of the Mystic means choosing faith over fear, believing that we are in a benevolent universe. That everything is happening perfectly for the evolvement of our soul’s growth, even if at times we don’t understand it from a 3D human perspective.  

From about the Fourth Century onwards, rising alongside with the popularity of Christianity, was Patriarchy, thanks to the dogmatic and shame- based teachings of the former.  Back then, the Christian Priests preached that as individuals we are not God and cannot commune with God, a Christian Priest is needed for that. This increased their power and the belief in separation; we lost our connection to the divine within and our connection to Mother Earth and all living things.  Women were considered evil immoral creatures that were the cause of the Original Sin, the reason Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden. The Priests believed that only they were holy enough to read and preach the scriptures. Unfortunately Jesus’s teachings were taken quite literally rather than symbolically as had been intended. 

Women, once the great Oracles, seen as the embodiment of the Divine, their wise and prophetic words taken as gospel, fell from grace. Even on the Celtic Isles where the worship of the Mother Goddess had always been prominent, the Divine Feminine grew tarnished and dishonoured with the Christian propaganda; sin and shame being powerful deterrents. Women, once honoured for their miraculous ability to create life, their intuitive knowing, fell to less than second class citizens. Women had no say, no voice, and they were persecuted.  Later on, women were murdered by the millions for having an opinion, for being different or for being a healer. The shame element now strong, women disconnected from their bodies and their instincts. Women no longer trusted their intuition or even other women. We began to believe we are separate to God and each other.

A Mystic is someone who is devoted to knowing them-self as God. And with that back story in our subtle anatomy and DNA is it any wonder that as women the call to the path of the Mystic can bring up so much fear? To know our Self as God (or Infinite if you prefer that word) takes a lot of courage and Spiritual Self-Esteem as Ricci-Jane Adams would say. We have to move past all the blockages, the stories, the fears, get out of our own way and let go of the ego’s sabotaging talk that we are fundamentally flawed. Quite simply the ego is the part of our Self that believes we are not God and it seeks to constantly look for proof of that. Spiritual Self-Esteem knows we are enough, we are worthy and we are one with the Infinite. In truth we are sinless and flawless, and that is why the Atonement from A Course in Miracles is the practice which we perform at the end of an Intuitive Intelligence Method Session. It is so powerful; it is the complete forgiveness of what never was.

When we forget our Divinity, our Oneness with all that is, we think we are separate, we feel alone, and we are often judgemental of ourselves and others, which of course reinforces the feeling of separation. It is hard to move through our fears in this state. As women who have chosen to incarnate at this time in history where the call of the Divine Feminine is rising once more, it feels more important than ever to heal that split between body and spirit, to release the shame stored in our physical bodies and really embody our spirituality. We need to personify it through all our chakras, not just the upper chakras where it is so easy to stay focused on with spirituality.

  • We connect and ground through our Base chakra by honouring where we came from, our ancestors, our culture and our tribe, we connect with the earth and know that it is safe for us to embody our truth at this time. 
  • Through our Sacral chakra as women we tap into our womb space, our creative centre that contains so much wisdom, power and inspiration, we honour and feel reverence for being a woman, and honour all women past, present and future. 
  • Our Solar Plexus chakra is where our personal power and our sovereignty reside, here we are not afraid to live our truth, to take action and do what needs to be done.  
  • With our Heart centre we connect to our divinity, to love, to all that is. 
  • Through our Throat chakra we find the courage to speak our truth, to be visible and to speak from the heart. 
  • Our Third Eye guides us with spiritual sight and the 
  • Crown chakra is where we open up to the Infinite and let it flow through us.  

A Mystic is someone who is devoted to knowing them-self as God. By making time every day for devotional practices we create that space to go within and we set the intention to know our self as Infinite. Devotional practices can take many forms whether it is through meditation, prayer, chanting, stillness, ritual, breath work, journaling, contemplation or walks in nature. In that connected and centred state it feels easier to choose Love over fear and to be willing to see God in others. This is the job of the Mystic, the devotion to knowing yourself as God, and making the conscious choice daily to choose faith over fear.


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 3 2019



I help women liberate themselves from their limiting beliefs. I am an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Mentor and Remover of obstacles.
I started out on my path with a passion for Astrology and all things Mystical and Mythical. I immersed myself in Astrology for over a decade, obtaining a Diploma at The Centre for Psychological Astrology in London during that time. Through the astrology work I encountered how powerful it is to work with archetypes and mythology, moving beyond the rational mind and connecting in with the transpersonal. As such, archetypes are a powerful part of my Intuitive Guide work.
In more recent years and during my 12 month training at The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence I have heeded the call to embody my Priestess and work with the Divine Feminine. I am here to serve you, to hold a safe and sacred space and guide you as you release what is no longer serving you.

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