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There is only one state of being we can be in when we are connecting to and then taking action on the vision for our life. That state of being is love.

It is simply not possible to be in fear and expect to create.

You might imitate. You might buy a program and follow someone else’s process. But in order to truly manifest the fullest expression of your life and vision you must be willing to walk through your fear to meet your truth, which is love.

A Course in Miracles tells us that there is nothing to fear. It is not possible to even understand this when we are looking at the world with human sight. We cannot solve our life situation, our issues or meet our fears at the level they were created. It is simply not possible.

But what is spiritual sight?

Spiritual sight begins when we are willing to surrender to that greater part of ourselves. We acknowledge that something greater than our limited human consciousness is guiding our lives.

Even when we do not understand the events of our life, we do not doubt them. It is a state of being that requires deep trust in the infinite intelligence of the Cosmos, and it is the most powerful creative power we possess.

To live beyond our fear liberates our creative vision and allows us to line up with what we are truly meant to be expressing in the world. Another way to think about this is the unique mission that God has for is set free, and you follow the path that inevitably unfolds with ease and grace because we are not alone.

This is spiritual sight.

To look at the events of your life with absolute trust.

To know that everything is course correcting you back to your unique vision.

If you want to know what your vision is, the purpose that the infinite knit into your being when you made this journey to Earth school, then you must be willing to give up fear.

Not all at once. There are so many things that are seemingly terrifying when we step out on the path of service!

Will anyone buy my product?

Am I good enough?

Will I be noticed?

What if I don’t make enough money?

Do I have anything to say?

These fears are not uncommon to anyone who has taken the courageous step on the path of living their vision. It’s not wrong to have the fearful thoughts. Our task is not to surrender to those thoughts but instead to look with spiritual sight… if these ideas are in my imagination and my mind then I must trust that I am the one to bring them into the world. I trust that the Infinite hasn’t steered me wrong and I am willing to meet my illusory fear thoughts with that spiritual fierceness.

Fear happens.

It is always our choice in how we respond.

We must train ourselves to engage the spiritual sight muscle above all else. Fear is the death of creativity. It shuts down our access to our intuitive intelligence and we can no longer hear that voice of the Infinite communing with us.

Undoubtedly you can grow your spiritual business far more powerfully when you take that leap into the warm embrace of the higher consciousness that is always guiding your life.

Training the muscle of your spiritual sight takes devotion, practice and consistency. The more you make this way of viewing the events of your life habit the more you will notice that the Infinite intelligence of the Universe is always working on your behalf.

Your success is inevitable.

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