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Easter is drawn from the pagan holiday and the celebration of spring. Really, it has very little to do with the Christian idea of this time being Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. Whether or not we believed that these are literal dates which Jesus was crucified and resurrected it doesn’t really matter. Easter is drawn from the energy of the goddesses Eostre and the idea of the rites of passage around spring and new life that comes with that new energy.

What I’m want to talk to you about today is reinterpreting or looking at the energy of this moment in Jesus’s life from a non-christian perspective. What I mean by non-christian is the world is a Christian paradigm that came about hundreds of years after Jesus died. Christianity has very little to do with the life of Jesus. What Jesus’s message was has been co-opted by a religion that really has no right to have done that.

Regardless of whether this was the historical moment when Jesus was actually crucified or not, we know that when the collective consciousness focuses its attention on anything we get a huge rush of energy. So I want you to put down all the ideas, we can get very fixated on ideas around “what does this actually mean” and “who has the right to claim it”. Instead let’s zoom out and let’s talk archetypal.

Let’s lean into what the image of the crucifixion and the image of the Resurrection hold for you right now? What can you tune into as the whole Christian world is focused on these symbols? How can you access this energy positively and just have the next couple of days off? How can I actually tap into the incredible power of the energy that’s available right now?

That energy of what we know as Jesus, as the Christ, is an energy that is the planetary guide. That energy is available to all of us because Jesus’s life was meant to be that demonstration of bridging heaven and earth.

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