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The Intuitive Intelligence® Micro Method is a simplified version of the full Method that allows whoever uses it to access the power of the Method for themselves, and to have a robust tool to daily meet his or her fear. This process is developed by the Institute in conjunction with Mitlé Southey and Tamala Ridge.

We must meet our fear every day, and when we apply the Micro Method to our fearful beliefs and physical symptoms we can quickly move the fear block out of our consciousness. The Method works with subconscious fear, for as A Course in Miracles tells us, we are never afraid for the reason we think we are. Our true fear sits beneath the surface of our conscious reasoning minds. So we apply the Micro Method to any stressful thought and in so doing release all the layers of the fear.

The Micro Method moves us beyond self-awareness.

We move directly from recognition of the fear into providing the exact conditions required to release that fear. This is a profoundly simple and elegant process. It can be done anywhere and at anytime.

The more often we do it, the more efficient we become at the process. We are building the muscle of our intuitive intelligence with spiritual fierceness by being willing to meet our fear every day.

The Micro Method is an advanced practice of intuitive intelligence. It will work most powerfully for us when we have trained ourselves with practices such as heart coherence. It is simple and direct but requires a commitment to live from the heart’s intuitive intelligence.

The Micro Method is premised on the three immutable laws.

The Infinite One Mind is waiting in every moment to guide us back to love. As such, the answers to show us how are always available when we create the optimal conditions for hearing that guidance.

Practice the Micro Method with spiritual fierceness and be generously rewarded with the exact information required to be fearless. We are learning that we are able to consciously redirect our feeling states. This is particularly important when we remember that feeling is the language of the Infinite.

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