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The Journey of a Modern Mystic – The Dance Unveiling

Karen Short

It took me a long time to embrace the true essence of who I am, it has been a true dance of unveiling to know myself as Unlimited Divine Consciousness and to be the demonstration of this, which is still a constant work in progress. In fact, it has taken many lifetimes of doing this work.
When I started to really step into the role of the Priestess, the Mystic, there was a familiarity, a knowing and a remembering that bought up a lot of fear. Fear to fully step in and own this part of me in this lifetime as the fear arising was of being persecuted, burnt at the stake and labeled as a witch, which occurred in previous lifetimes for doing this work. What will be the consequences if I step up and fully claim what I know to be my truth now?

As early as I can remember from childhood I was always labeled “weird” or “different”, that I seen and felt too much, was too sensitive and had an overactive and wild imagination. I always knew on a soul level that there was more to us, more to the universe and that there was a higher power that we worked with in unison. Now I have come to understand that I am that higher power, that it does not reside outside of myself, in fact, I do not need anything outside of me to be connected, be in communion with or to call forth this higher power. It is really about showing up to myself daily in devotion, going within and honoring that part of who I am and have reverence for my own sovereignty that lay within.

People have told me I have wisdom beyond my years, they call on me for advice, strangers poor their heart out to me and somehow, I had the medicine that they needed to hear in that very moment. Not all this wisdom and knowledge was coming from my intellectual brain, it was flowing through me, from source, from a higher power. The nudges, the ideas, the light bulb moments, the downloads of information were all coming from source. We are powerful beyond measure, and as the Mystic we fully embrace this to create change within the world. Imagine if more people were awake to their innate power that resides within? This is why we have chosen to come back at this point in time, to raise the consciousness of the planet. To be the demonstration and lead a revolution where we connect and awaken people to their true potential.

I know this is my work in the world, the mystic, the leader, my truth that I can no longer deny. The Mystic is here to lead, she is fierce and courageous, willing to go against the grain of society’s way of doing things, she is willing to rise and fall, to sacrifice whatever she needs to in order to be congruent with her truth, she walks her talk, she meets her fear head-on, she is compassionate yet unrelenting in her pursuit, She sees in you what you cannot see in yourself and she wants to see you rise into your full magnificence and lead a life from this place of being. That is what I am here to do.


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 3 2019


Karen Short

My passion is to teach women to know themselves as Divine Unlimited Consciousness.

I do this for women who are awakening to the deeper part of who they truly are, on their journey back to soul. Deep down you know there is a different way….you are ready and willing to meet yourself on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level to transmute the pain and suffering that has held you back from stepping into your full divinity.

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