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The path to become a spiritual teacher

How to find and live the intention for your life. In this live I am sharing my journey to knowing that the path of the spiritual teacher is the one for me. I share three pivotal stories from my own experience of figuring out what my path is, and how to stay the path when it all feels too hard.

The highest intention for our life should be what God/dess wants. But how do we find out what that is and how do we have the courage to live it?

We set intentions for our weeks, for our projects we’re creating and we might even set intentions for our business and our relationships. We set intentions for all sorts of things but when we start to lean back into that big picture of the entirety of our life it’s much more powerful to really begin with setting intentions to open ourselves to the God consciousness within. People are often in a hurry to know their soul’s purpose, they’re in a hurry to pursue the path of whatever they think they’re here to do. So rather than listening and opening to receive that God consciousness which arrives into us, we are in a hurry to solve the mystery. To just sit with the mystery is one of the greatest challenges of the spiritual seeker. To sit with the idea of divine timing rather than my timing. So when we’re thinking about our lives from that big picture, we can then zoom in and start creating those little intentions. A week’s worth of intentions but we may need to keep revisiting that big intention.

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