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When we immerse ourselves into our spiritual devotion, of course, we open more and more to the conversation between us and the infinite. That is what intuition is… yes?So, we’re moving our awakening consciousness closer towards the God mind, as a result, we have access to more and more information. That’s exactly what happened for me, and I want to share it with you.

I’m the teacher, that’s my ultimate archetype, as soon as I learn something I want to share it. So, I was writing an Instagram post this morning that is part of my devotion. I wrote this post about intuition as a state of being, which is something I talk about a lot. Intuitive intelligence is moving intuition beyond Oracle Cards and Pendulums and we’re actually moving into a state where we’re constantly in a flow state or union with our intuition. In fact, it stopped being a conversation at all and it’s actually just a constant sense of knowing right action in every moment. You don’t have to ask a question, you don’t have to pull a card, you don’t have to consider how to get into the right state. Because you live in that state of being and that is the ultimate state and what I call surrender intuition.

When we get into the final phase of intuition (what I call the surrender intuition) when we’re really living our intuitive intelligence and we’re not just tapping into it from time to time, we’re making a permanent shift in our subconscious program. So, let me break that down for you. In order to live in the state of being of our intuitive intelligence, we make a permanent shift from fear to love. Not at the conscious reasoning mind level, because the conscious reasoning mind level doesn’t know anything. If we live from that state of being, we’d all be living blissful healthy abundant lives. None of our addictions would come into play, we’d be prosperous and all the rest of it. But we’re not! We live in the subconcious program, and that subconcious program, when it’s unmet is usually dominant towards fear because fear is how we evolve. However, we don’t know how to work productively with fear and so that fear just becomes part of our biology, it becomes our body-mind, our addictions, all about self-defeating behaviors. We become separated from that intuitive knowing, that flow state by these unmet fear programs. This is why my system of developing your intuition, the most revolutionary system of developing intuition, is to change the subconscious program by knowing how to work with fear and by working with fear productively. So, when we reach a tipping point, which is what surrender intuition is, what we’ve done is we’ve made a permanent shift from fear to love at the subconscious level. Therefore, we are connected to that state of Union, that overcoming in the belief of separation which is really what it all fear is. We’re subconsciously connected to our highest knowing, all of the time.

This matters because our conscious reasoning mind is not the place we make choices from, our conscious reasoning mind is the place we’d like to be making choices from. But, that is our personality, it’s the part that we present to the world. The deep part of us that is programed and one way or another towards fear or love, somewhere on that continuum to make choices is usually a program of unmet fear. This is simply just a refinement of what I teach, it just landed so powerfully for me today.

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