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The Sacred Leader’s Path

Jacquie Horn


The Sacred Leader’s path is a meandering one

Going breakneck speed in slow motion

To learn, to teach, to lead, to transform

Expansion, embodiement an open portal

Humility, innoncence and power

Inanate knowledge of how things are

How they have been how they must be


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 4 2019.



Jacquie is a perpetual student. She is insatiably curious. About our 3D world. About the world within the world. The world unseen by our human eyes.
The magic, the mystery, the life force that connects us all.
She is a seeker of truth – her truth, our truth, THE truth and a lover of adventures – she can find one almost anywhere!
This seeking and finding has taken her on many expeditions along tight twisty trails, steep inclines, cliff edges, deep darkness, wide open spaces, the driest of deserts, to the highest peaks and beyond – each one itself riddled with rabbit holes, any of which may be filled with their own wonder and intrigue, be a dead end, or any experience in between.
Jacquie is a perpetual teacher. She loves to share what she has learned. She believes we all must find


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