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When I was completing the writing of Spiritually Fierce I wanted to add something to the book that would capture the spirit of what the book says. I wanted to offer a prayer, a phrase, an action that could be taken away by the reader as a reminder of everything that they had just read. It is all too easy to acquire knowledge.

Taking action is what turns that knowledge into lived experience, which thus turns it into wisdom.

I read Caroline Myss’ words quoted above and I recognised in my soul a yearning to go beyond a casual relationship with God. These two forces combined and I found the words for the Spiritually Fierce vow pouring onto the page, my personal commitment to privilege the only true purpose of my life above else. We do not remember what we are here to do most often. But we can. We simply need to take a moment every single day to remind ourselves.

The words of the Spiritually Fierce vow have come from walking my spiritual path for over twenty years. These are the direct instructions to myself on how to place my devotion at the front and centre of my life.

Please take this vow as my gift to your spiritual power.

All my fiercest love,

“A vow elevates a spiritual practice to one of spiritual development. It is incomprehensible for most people today to take a vow before God that says, ‘I shall be devoted to my spiritual practice without distraction because I recognize that I have this life for a brief time in order to be of service to the divine and gain personal illumination with God’ Taking such a vow is out of step with our spiritual culture. We are very relaxed about matters of the sacred”. – Caroline Myss

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