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I want to talk about the three archetypes, Priestess, Mystic, and Leader which is so important to the third level training.

I will talk a little bit about the way that I train women as channels for the archetypal energy in the third level program. It might be quite different from how you think about channelling. Of course, everything that I do in the Institute is designed to challenge the expectations of what the New Age ruler, trinkets and superstitions might be.

The aim is to elevate what we do to the level of laser-like precision. To bring you deep research, science and the deep understanding of the work that we do and to not just take it on blind faith. It’s no difference to how I train women as channels as to how I train them is intuition masters. We really look at the research, we look at the history, we look at the ancient wisdom and we bring all of that together.

In this video I will show you how we do it in the Institute and and why we don’t connect into personalities, or avatars, or particular faces of angels, or guides, or ascended masters because we’re trying to transcend belief. I will ideally connect women to their power, to know themselves as God rather than believe that they’re connecting to a power outside of themselves.

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