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The uncompromising path of intuitive intelligence differs from our very superficial spiritual culture around the ideas of intuition. Now, if you go to a regular intuition workshop there’s a good chance that there’s going to be Oracle cards and the people are going to be talking about things that are what I consider to be unnecessary. I sometimes refer to them as trinkets and superstitions. Whenever we place our intuition outside of us even as just as a bridge to build our intuition towards, like cards or crystals, and we decide that the external object has somehow got more power in it or a way to access that intuitive power than we do, then we are engaging in compromise. If we do this we’re engaging in the idea that this external reality is even real.

The way that I teach intuition is a hundred percent radically different to what you’ll find anywhere else in the world. It is built on the uncompromising truth of what our true nature is, which is pure consciousness, pure energy, pure vibration – Not solid matter. If intuition is the language of the infinite, which it is, and we’re learning how to open ourselves to the language of the infinite, that language is going to express itself through what we are, which is pure consciousness. It isn’t going to express itself through solid matter which is the illusionary part of us. My job, to train intuition in you, is to help unload you from your addiction to your external senses (i.e. your sight, your hearing…) as a way to gauge your relationship to your intuition.

My brand of intuition really can’t even be called intuition because it is so radically different. That’s why I call it intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is not just having innate sixth sense, which we all do. What differentiates the way that I train you to meet your intuition, and to master it can be defined as that innate intuition combined with spiritual fierceness. So in order to build the muscle of your intuition, you have to be willing to build your spiritual fierceness. You have to show up radically committed to meeting yourself as infinite unlimited consciousness. All conversations about intuition should begin with the question of “do I know that I am pure unlimited consciousness?” If your intuition training isn’t starting at that place then we have a really big problem, because you’re probably just being given a whole bunch of trinkets and superstitions that are actually keeping you playing small.

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