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Today I want to break down this idea of the non-local because I talked about the processes of the third level being processes of non-local intuition or non-local consciousness. But that idea may not be one that you are familiar with because most of us do not understand that there is not just one kind of intuition. The different frequencies of intuition are able to give us access to different types of information. My task is to train women who are priestesses of non-local intuition, because to me that is the highest form of intuition that bypasses all duality, all polarity and overcomes separation. Thi allows us to utilize our intuition to guide us back to the truths of what we are, which is one with the one mind.

So intuition is the gateway to all of the work that I share and non-local intuition is perhaps not very well understood. So, non-local is an idea from quantum physics which is that objects or particles that are not in any time, space or location can still be in communication. Their communication is acausal, it isn’t happening because they are together, these particles are communicating across time and space no matter how far apart they are acausally. There’s no requirement of their being physical time and space proximity. So when we look at this in terms of intuition, non-local intuition is the connection to information that cannot be known through forgotten knowledge or through energetic sensitivity. So, just because I’m in proximity to your field, and my fields communicating with your field, I can pick up information that’s being energetically sensitive which is part of our biological or local forms of intuition. We’re talking about a form of intuition that is built on the inherent interconnectedness of all consciousness and we’re really dealing in consciousness alone. We’re not dealing in the biological local idea of intuition at all, which is what most people are talking about when they talk about intuition. They’re talking about instinct, they’re talking about energetic sensitivity being empathic and highly sensitive through the ways that we pick up information from one another through through proximity. Nonlocality is what explains the idea of consciousness in such a powerful way for me. We are inherently interconnected by a field matrix, a web, whatever you want to perceive it as and that web or matrix is is one. It is one consciousness, it is one mind, it is the god mind. We are part of that! We are not separate from it, we’re not less than, we are part of it and we are integral to it. It exists as us and we exist as it. So whatever we are holding within us, we are contributing to this field. What we learn as the priestesses of non-local intuition or non-local consciousness, is how to communicate with this field. So it’s really comunicating with ourselves but at that higher order thinking and higher order intelligence.

This is what intuitive intelligence is. We may access information non-locally and acausally to support the move from fear to love of our clients. That is the primary focus of our work. It is to move people from fear to love. Now, the idea is very interesting to me. This is an uncompromising path because what nonlocality is asking of us is that we are not buying into the belief of separation. We are going back to the greatest mind, the one mind, the god mind and we are connecting into that intelligence in order to serve our clients. So, we’re not tuning in to lower frequencies such as the psychic or astral planes to buy into the belief in separation. Everything in this simulation this seemingly “real world” which is not real at all, it is simply a simulation or if you like to think of it as a like a computer game or a holograph. It is a projection of our consciousness, collectively and individually, and we are changing things within this dream which is another way to think about the simulation through the direction of our consciousness. So we understand once again why non-local intuition is so vital to be able to master. That is how we are truly shaping our lives, we’re not dealing in the lower frequencies, we are going straight to that space of unified consciousness.

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