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A part of the new chapter in my new edition of Spiritually Fierce.

The priestess is the symbol of holy power and embodied power in service to the greater good. Our purpose is to support us to overcome the dream of separation through the development of spiritual sight.

Part of my life’s work is to understand the responsibilities of language – I don’t use signs or symbols or words without great consideration of the multiple meanings and possible interpretations of these symbols.

The use of the archetype of the priestess is a carefully considered choice the priestess is the trans-personal bridge between the spiritual energy realm and the earthbound matter realm.

It is the vital work and it is the work for this extraordinary time in which we live the priestess is the deeply devoted spiritual woman in the world. Her work is different and unique to every woman.

The priestess is the symbol of those of us on this path of service being present in the world rather than using our spirituality to shield or bypass or hide us away from the world. She is invested in creating change for the betterment of all, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Her mandate is service. Her service is not to indulge the trinkets and superstitions of the new age but to consciously encode a reality for all that moves global consciousness from fear to love.

By committing to spiritual fierceness, the path of the priestess, we are looking within to meet the infinite. We must ask ourselves these questions – how deep is my devotion, how active is my faith, do I have a deep enduring and abiding practice that weighs me up to weather the storms of life which will keep coming by the way regardless of how devoted we are.

Because spirituality is not an insurance against the difficult events of life. But if our faith is practiced with devotion it will guard us against constant disappointment. We will become deeply trusting of life a good way to gauge the depth of our spirituality is to look what we do in the privacy of our own home when no one is looking.

Devotion prepares us for whatever life presents including the shocking discovery on my behalf that we have been complicit in a racist world and that we carried the sins of the fathers in our subconscious minds and that no matter how good we think we are we have a divine responsibility, by right of our birth, to get as uncomfortable as hell to serve the greater good.

The fear that exists in the world is an illusion because 3D reality is an illusion. But it is a necessary illusion for it is how we train our consciousness. That is the very purpose of incarnating on earth school and the very function of fear. I don’t say fear as an illusion so we can bypass other people’s experiences or our own, but rather so that we will recognize that we have everything we need to meet it. The illusory nature of fear doesn’t give us an opt-out in having to participate in the very real problems of the world.

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