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Why it’s best not to say no to God.

When we feel that calling or a sense of yearning to walk a particular path, even if it makes no sense at all, and we reject that idea, we are shutting down that conversation between us and the universe. This might happen because we’re afraid of what we’re being asked to do, because we’re not clear on it, because it’s inconvenient, or other things are happening in our life. When that calling comes and there is this real sense of “yes this is your path”, it doesn’t make any sense, the timing couldn’t be worse, but this is where you need to go. This is the loving instruction from God (infinite consciousness). When we have the courage to follow it at that level- life tends to flow really beautifully.

Our task is to evolve and awaken to the truth of what we are. We’re in a dream, we’re in a beautiful necessary dream because it is the tools that we use to awaken. What we get to do is go on this path to awakening in whatever way we choose.

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Learn the practice that invites you to encode a new reality.

This free consciousness encoding meditation can guide you in understanding the law of correspondence and learning how to cultivate the vibrational frequency that is a match for all that we desire.