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I’m going to talk about the work of the fear Huntress! So what do I mean when I use that term? It’s an archetype we started talking about last intake and it just really captured me. It’s so accurate isn’t it! That’s exactly what we do. It completely describes the third-level priestess. It’s the work of the qualified intuitive guide to have the capacity with laser-like focus to go into the subconscious of her client. To identify the shadow that is dominant in that client, at the time that they present to the practitioner. Now there’s a really beautiful symbiosis that happens here. If I sat down with you to go into your subconscious, I would identify the fear that is most relevant for me to identify because it’s also my medicine. This is the thing about this work that is so freaking glorious. This isn’t happening in isolation it’s not me the all-knowing all-seeing practitioner who is just looking at you as this poor victim and going in to try and fix things for you. Tt’s there’s a symbiotic relationship, there’s an alchemy divine alchemy going on. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re practitioners gonna lose herself in her own stuff because she is too well-trained to do that. But, inevitably, the fear that she identifies for you is the absolute best fear that the two of you can clear together because you are not just sitting there passively receiving. What happens is that every time we go into the retreat we do a “speed-dating” style training. What happens is you move from one person to the next. Every fear that you identify, will be different to the same person who then moves on to the next. This symbiotic relationship that’s happening, that divine alchemy, is determining what the two of you clear together. There’s a lot of fear in the subconscious basement.

It’s our job of of wakening to raise our consciousness to the level where we return our subconscious to love. That is exactly what you’re qualified intuitive guide is there to do. She learns how to identify that fear with laser-like precision, and then how to work productively with that fear with you in that session to move that fear up and to elevate that wisdom. We’re no longer in the clutches of the body-mind addiction. We’re no longer a victim to that fear, the fear Huntress is just such a profound descriptor for the work of the intuitive guide. The reason why fear is what we focus on, is because fear is the only thing that is the impediment between you and your truth, hich is infinite unlimited consciousness. You don’t need me to fix, heal, say, rescue or give you the intuitive knowing on the next steps of your life. Because, you have all of that. You are that! What you may require is scaffolding to be held so profoundly so that you may meet that fear in a way that feels safe to you. Very often when we’re on our own, it doesn’t feel safe to meet our fears and to go deep into this work to be able to release them in a way that is accelerated and incredibly powerfully held. This way, you’re not ever falling into into danger. You are being held to move from fear to love so profoundly through this incredible container, this creator of space that is the third level priestess.

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