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What grace means to me is that unending, uninterrupted connection with our experience of ourselves as God. So grace is what God feels like (or the goddess feels like) when we have an
embodied experience, not just a kind of “I’m now going to sit with God in meditation” because that’s what I know I should experience.

Grace is when you actually you move beyond the mind and you move into an embodied experience of knowing yourself as the divine. That is what I consider to be a state of grace and these moments are enough to keep us moving forward even when we have weeks and months of sitting down to do our devotion and we don’t get into that heightened state.

These precious moments keep us motivated on the path of our awakening because they are so pleasurable and joyful. They are such a recognition of what we truly are. So grace is, by my definition, that experience of our-self beyond the limits of the thinking mind, beyond the ego-identified form where we merge with that true energy of what we are.

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