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There’s a lot of fear and big ideas around what channeling is. Whether we’re capable of doing it, whether it’s something that’s safe to do, whether we should do it, and whether everyone can do it. Channeling is somehow perceived as different to all the other ways that we’re intuitive. Like it’s bigger or scarier or cooler or meaner or something. So I really want to break that all down for us today.

So let’s break this down a little bit. It may be different from how you’ve heard about channeling before. It may be different from how other people talk about channeling and you may have some fears around it all. It might excite you but you might think it’s something far away and belongs to another time and space. So when I train the women in the third level to connect to their capacity to channel, we do it through the idea of archetypes rather than the idea that I’m connecting to the energy of a specific angel or a specific historical figure or mythical figure or religious figures like Jesus or Mary or Ganesha or whatever. We really zoom out and we instead of looking at the personal historical identities of these great teachers who now maybe Bodhisattva or no longer are here in the local consciousness. We really look at the idea of the archetype.

An archetype is a pattern of energy that repeats itself. It is available in the collective consciousness to support and guide our lives. We can think of Jesus as the greatest healer the world has ever known and the energy of the healer is available when we connect into Jesus’s consciousness. But we’re not talking about the historical figure here, we’re not talking about Jesus who walked the earth and was co-opted into Christianity. We’re talking about the archetypal pattern of the healer energy that all of us paradoxically possess inside of us as well as what is available all around us. Another way of saying that is “As above so below, as within so without”. This is the second immutable law – the law of Correspondence. Channeling is such a beautiful demonstration of this law because instead of thinking “I’m going out there into the cosmos to access the energy of a specific personality, a historical figure, a religious figure an angel or a guide. We instead change focus and say I’m going within to the sacred chamber of my heart to connect with the highest consciousness that I am. In this case, let’s say the archetype of the healer – I can connect to that pattern of energy that repeats and has repeated since the beginning of all life throughout the cosmos and meet the healer archetype within me. From that place, I can speak from the healer and I may have information for myself I may have information for another but I am NOT going out to connect into some kind of separate entity that’s floating around in the cosmos and I’m just lucky if I happen to connect into. It’s a complete 180 on that idea. It is as within so without. I am that and therefore if I want to channel on behalf of these great archetypal consciousnesses then I simply go inwards to meet the infinite within me. If I want to meet God I go inwards to meet God within me.

This is such a beautiful thing to be able to recognize. It is in you, and it is who you are. You are Jesus, you are Mary, you are Cornyn, you are Ganesha. You are all of these archetypal energies that have had stories written about them and have shown up in our history books and our spiritual books. But they are ultimately just a way for us to get to know ourselves better. We are one with the one mind. The first immutable law tells us “all is one, all is of the one mind”. That one mind is infinite, unlimited consciousness.

So how would you do it for yourself if you are wanting to connect within?

We will prepare ourselves through stillness, silence and solitude. Remembering that intuition rides with the highest possible vibration. The more we’re in fear, the more we’re in doubt, the more we’re in worry – the lower or slower our vibration is. Therefore, the harder it is for us to commune with these high vibrational frequencies. You want to make sure that you go into heart conference for a few minutes before you go into any connection to these archetypal energies. This makes your access so much easier. Heart congruence, if you’re not aware, is an adaptation of heart coherence. Heart coherence teaches this in a very secular way. Because I’ve adapted it I now have given it a new name so that there isn’t confusion. Heart congruence involves you closing down your eyes taking two fingers or the palm of your hand to the centre of your chest and with your breath extended slowing down your heart rate you’re going to move out of that high beta brainwave state. With slowing down the breath, and your eyes closed, you signify to your physiology that you’re very safe and you’re safe to be in this practice. You start to move into alpha. The alpha brainwave state gives you access to your intuitive creative capacities.

We bring to mind something that is bringing us joy in a very simple way okay. So we might think of sunshine or beautiful flower opening or something just incredibly simple that brings you great feelings of gratitude and appreciation. You go into that state for two to three minutes just holding your mind with as much intensity on that focused state. So once we’ve gone into heart congruence and you’re in that beautiful state where you’ve tuned your frequency into the highest possible vibration, you may simply sit and invite yourself to just be in that stillness with no preconceptions and simply let your non-local intuition show you what archetype is available.

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