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Congruence, in my definition, is being congruent between faith and actions. So the things you say, you believe are actually evidenced by your actions in the world. This is the defining quality of a spiritual leader, is the person’s actions match their faith. Now, that sounds like something we would all aspire to- to be congruent demonstrations of our faith in the world because then we’re walking our talk.

So let’s let’s have a little look at getting congruent, how we do that, and why that might be a process of getting uncomfortable before we get to the really great part of becoming congruent. This path is taking action to correct the area of perception. Wherever we have let ourselves step into not knowing better, or being unconscious, we’re course correcting. So of course there’s going to be a period where there is discomfort as everything comes back into right alignment. This correction means we are going to go through growing pains. We’re going to go through the upper limit of being stretched beyond our comfort zone – so we might think that the endpoint of our awakening is the comfort zone. Let me just put that myth down for you right now, because if that’s what you’re here on your spiritual journey to attain, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

When we grow ourselves beyond the known, that is uncomfortable as hell for most of our egos. But it requires this deep level of commitment to staying the course, even when it’s hard. So getting congruent is about the willingness to sit in the discomfort and be unafraid of that feeling to get comfortable with the discomfort. If you want a journey where change is not continual and unending, then please leave the building right now because this spiritual journey is not the place for you. The one thing you are here to do is to awaken, but I really love reminding myself and especially now as I’m about to do something that is really outside of my comfort zone, I’m getting more and more congregant.

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