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Consciousness encoding, or unconscious encoding? Both are same ideas – one were doing with intention, the other we’re doing without, but it’s always happening. We are pure consciousness, we’re not physical matter that’s an illusion of the dominant five senses. We’ve trained ourselves to think that, and it’s very easy to see, feel, touch, taste – we know our reality through our dominant five senses. What we truly are, and this is purely science, is vibrating particles which are not even particles, they’re waves that produce fields within fields within fields.

We are made up of a much bigger area than our physical body, we can think of that as our aura or a subtle Anatomy, our energy body. That much bigger part of us is what is
actually the “truer part of us” because in truth, all that exists is that pure vibration. That pure vibration is directed by consciousness, so where we place our attention energy follows. But we seem to have this idea this means that where we place our attention for those thirty seconds while we’re trying to manifest a Ferrari (or whatever it is that’s on your vision board) is the only time that we’re encoding reality.

The truth of it is that whatever is in your subconscious basement is encoding your reality 24/7. There’s no way around that! You are not building your reality by your conscious thought, but your unmet subconscious thoughts. We’re diving deep into these ideas, but stay with me. This stuff is the difference between a well-lived life and an accidental reactive life.

Your subconscious is not just the storehouse of everything you believe, it’s also what builds your subtle Anatomy, or your energy body. So if you think about that, your beliefs form your energy body. The subconscious is the storehouse of everything that we have ever believed. All our familial and inherited lineage and everything that we’ve decided to believe in this lifetime which is unfortunately believed through fear. So the subconscious is is attuned to fear storeys because when we’re unaware our biology takes over and we pay more attention to the fear to avoid threat.

So your subconscious is also your creative genius, it is where you create from. Not from the brain, not from the conscious mind, but from the subconscious. That is what informs your subtle Anatomy. Your subtle Anatomy is pure consciousness, pure vibration, and that is what is building your reality. Therefore, what is stored in the subconscious mind manifests in that vibrational way. So what is going out from you draws back towards you everything that is there.

So what do we have to do about this? So if we want to encode consciousness, to encode meaning, we have to change the programs that are running in our subconscious basement. We do that by looking at our fear. We can’t run from our fear, our fear rises as a way to bring these unmet subconscious programs to the surface.

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