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You know when you’re having a dream, and in the dream you’re able to make the meaning of the dream so just at that moment before you wake up, even though you cannot recall what happened in the dream, the meaning of the dream stayed with you? I had one of these dreams recently and I want to share with you what it is that I accessed and came to understand in that moment just before my full consciousness returned as I awoke. Well there’s two things I want to talk about, spiritual activism and what sacred service actually is, and I also want to dive into the idea that your modality doesn’t actually matter!

In the scheme of things when we’ve trained for something, when we’ve paid money for a program, when we’ve learnt a particular way of working with energy or the subtle anatomy or whatever it is that you have signed up for, hearing me say that that your modality doesn’t matter and that your modality is irrelevant could be a little bit confronting. So I want to break that down for you and I want to go back into the idea of how this connects to what sacred service really is. And all of this of course leads me to the real kicker which is my take on what spiritual activism actually is.

Right now there is a conversation happening across the globe about the idea of not using our spirituality as a way to bypass the world that we live in, but actually how can we use it to become socially and politically responsible. How can we use our spiritual awakening not just for the benefit of our self, and not just to make our own little patch of reality nice and pretty, but use it in a way that makes sure our spirituality is of service to all?

This is where the idea of spiritual activism comes in.

This idea that if we have had the privilege to be able to pursue our soul, then it is our absolute responsibility that we take our increasing awakening, our awareness, out into the world and we do what we can to make the world more glorious and ease the suffering of others. Unlike say a political or socially motivated program of change, for me spiritual activism is about making a choice to remember that you are God.

As I woke from my dream on that day, I could recall not the details of the dream but the deeper meaning of it. I understood that spiritual activism is embodying your God consciousness. It’s not accepting your limitations. It’s not hiding behind your story and being a victim of your reality.

If you are free enough to pursue the soul and to go in the direction of your spiritual awakening, then you are free enough to make the world better for others.

The thing about this is it actually requires nothing of you. It doesn’t require you to change your job or turn up on a picket line, or require you to travel anywhere. All that is asked of you is that you do not let your spiritual seeking end at the point where you’re just asking “how do I manifest some nice stuff for myself” but actually look at the great responsibilities that you have in
pursuit of your soul.

If you are in pursuit of your soul, you have the responsibility to look about you and to see how you may be the cause of the return to love for others, how you may be the cause of the end of suffering for others, how you may use your spiritual seeking not as a way just to to get things for yourself but actually as a way to give on a truly global scale.

Here’s the beautiful thing about spiritual activism, unlike activism that happens in the dream or in 3D reality, our power to change the world is entirely dependent on our capacity to hold an altered vibration. What that requires us to do is to meet our own fear.

So rather than sitting inside our own fear limits, every time fear rises and you go to meet your fear, you do so on behalf of all.

Every time your fear rises and you indulge in emotional chaos or emotional eating or picking a fight with your boyfriend or getting drunk instead of dealing with what you’re feeling, you are
continuing to oppress human consciousness collectively.

Now you may not want to deal with that responsibility but that is the truth.

The most powerful form of spiritual activism, the only form of spiritual activism, is indeed to go and meet your own fear. This is what sacred service is.

Sacred service may take many different forms and as I said before, your modality actually doesn’t matter because what you’re doing when you serve is from this paradigm of remembering that you are God, and that when you go to meet your fear you are serving all fearlessness, everywhere.

Please put down your concern or your confusion that you might get it wrong. You literally can’t get it wrong. When I was talking to someone I admire very deeply this weekend, she was speaking about this idea that:

“what if I’m not meant to be doing this training program, what if I’m meant to be doing this, what if I’m meant to be over here working in this other particular way”,

and I just looked at her and said:

“if what you’re doing is holding a vibration, that is going to change people’s consciousness because it is fearless. It is as close to infinite divine love as you can possibly access. What you do with those people doesn’t matter. You are not the cause of healing, you are simply allowing yourself to be a vessel for what is true and real and eternal; which is divine love.”

When we get very caught up in worrying that we might make the wrong decision or train in the wrong kind of modality, bring yourself back to that simple truth that there cannot be anything wrong about what you do as long as what you do is returning people to love. That what you do is moving them closer to the truth of what they are. That is spiritual activism. That is truly sacred service.

You don’t have to have a spiritual business in order to be a spiritual activist on the path of sacred service. When we complicate it with thinking it’s about what brand we have, or what lead magnets we have, or who’s buying my stuff, we’ve kind of missed the point.

Now of course my whole mission is no more poor lightworkers. That it is entirely within our capacity to earn in accordance with the abundance of the infinite, but that doesn’t mean that your
service should only occur when someone is paying you money. In fact the women I train in the Third Level know very clearly that I am NOT training them to be intuitive readers who get paid. When they’re switched on and tuning in, they are training as contemporary mystics and the Mystics path is service.

We make it so complicated and I wish for you to know that the truth of it is that you simply have to make a choice for love in every moment, even when all the evidence might be suggesting to you that the choice for love is foolish.

I read somewhere today that “an innocent heart is a heart that cannot be hurt”.  I believe that those words are so vital for us to understand that our return to love is a return to innocence, where we understand that the contents of 3D reality cannot harm us. We truly cannot be hurt by what is occurring in the dream however we can make a choice to maintain our innocent state of being in order to see God in everyone around us, even when others cannot see God in us.

Our capacity to serve is not based on external evidence.

Our capacity to serve is not based on needing something in return.

Our capacity to serve is always a spiritually radical act and that is being God.

There is no perfect modality, there is only the choice to hold a vibration that is higher and lighter than external evidence would suggest.

That is a choice we are all free to make in every moment.

I make that choice because there is only one mind, I make that choice for all. I make that choice for those who cannot make the choice for themselves because the contents of their dream reality is so terrifying or terrible that they cannot know they’re not yet ready to understand or inherit their true freedom.

If you lost your way with that, if you’ve become confused about that or got caught up in “it must be this kind of offer or that kind of thing”, then please put all of that worry down and allow
yourself to recognise that the more that you line up with that path of spiritual activism, the more you make the choice for love in every moment, the infinite will rush in to support you and whatever it is that you need to thrive in this 3D reality will be provided to you.

But your commitment must always be to serve.

So your service starts today. Right here, right now.

Ask yourself:

Am I willing to put down my egos need to be right?
Am I willing to put down my fear and my perceived limits?
Am I willing to put down this faulty belief that somehow I am broken and I need fixing?
Am I willing to meet myself as God so that others may do the same by being in my presence?

If this path calls you, your modality doesn’t matter because the only true path of service is to hold a vibration that allows others to meet themselves as God. When we get on board with that we can then just go forward and have the most joyful experience of our lives. We do not have to worry about what it is that we do with people it is simply that we allow ourselves to be the conduit, the
vessel, for that God consciousness to move through us and out into the world.

RJ xo

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