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My 30s were a really interesting time for me where I was questioning a lot of my prior faith and I was letting go of a lot of ideas of who I thought I was. I was also taking up other ideas of who I thought and a lot of it was born out of becoming a mother at age 29 very unexpectedly.

I was halfway through a PhD and I certainly wasn’t intending anything like that to happen at that stage in my life. Moving forward a little bit into my early 30s when I was looking to have a child intentionally, I found that even though my first child had come along very easily and unexpectedly I couldn’t easily conceive the child that I was planning.

One of the things that came into my life around that time was was yoga. I’d always done yoga but it was a very casual relationship that I had with it. I hadn’t found the teacher that had truly altered me and I’d heard about this idea that if you find your teacher then yoga becomes this incredibly powerful force for you.

I can’t remember the exact way that it happened but along with a dear friend of mine I started to practice at a studio in Melbourne. This incredible yoga teacher, Uma, was even from the very beginning when I didn’t think of her necessarily as a spiritual teacher a profound influence on my life. It was clear that she was bringing something with her that was bigger than just the context of the asana and bigger than just moving my body.

It was quite normal for students of Uma too become really devoted to her and really love attending her classes and being in her presence. There’s a deep grace about Uma and a deep ancient power than what belies her age.

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