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We don’t get to choose how we awaken. We wish we did. We buy into all the spiritual BS ideas that lead us to believe that we can manifest our awakening on our terms.

Adyashanti calls that the spiritualised ego.

The ego’s needs have nothing to do with the purpose of this life.

This precious life is laden with purpose. The purpose is to awaken to the truth of what we are.

We are asleep.

Our holy task is to wake up.

But not to wake up to more layers of the dream.

To awaken to the truth that we are God.

Unlimited, infinite consciousness.

Being awake has nothing to do with getting more invested in this consciousness experiment called life. It is awakening to the reality that this life is a dream. We are the dreamers. Collectively and individually we must dream better, and ultimately awaken in the dream. That is the experiment. This is how we set ourselves and all consciousness free.

You see the spoon. You are angry at the spoon. You are in love with the spoon. You are making meaning of the spoon that has nothing to do with the spoon because the spoon doesn’t exist.

The infinite intelligence of this consciousness experiment will arrange everything for the most rapid and efficient awakening. Our only task is to use whatever conditions are placed in front of us to awaken.

Our freedom of choice, our power to ‘manifest’ is in how we respond. That’s it. The infinite uses whatever conditions are provided. So let’s provide better conditions. This is how we ease the suffering of the world.

So choose your response, knowing it is the most powerful action you can take. The decision is irrelevant. You cannot make a wrong choice when you make a choice from love, not human love by divine love.

Stop being so shocked by the state of the world. We have been spiritualising the ego and calling it an awakening, and the reckoning time has come.

It is time for us to get over the indulgent, immature idea that our spiritual path should make us more comfortable.

The spiritual path is the most radical of them all. It is revolutionary. It is the power that creates reality. And the perceived ‘sickness’ we see in the collective right now is a reflection of how we have used our spirituality like despotic tyrants tending to the wants of our ego.

The word sovereign is used a lot in the world right now, usually to indicate that the ‘right’ choice has been made, according to our own sense of right or wrong. There is no right or wrong. Sovereign means to possess ultimate power. And we do, and the dreamers of this dream.

But we aren’t being sovereign, we are being reactionary. We are imagining it is all shocking, out of our hands, happening through no fault of our own. We have created this reality together. We have done so by playing God instead of being God.

We have empowered our egos, not our souls, and now shit is getting real and we are uncomfortable and we are outraged.

It is time for collective spiritual maturing.

The world is a reflection of our relationship with God, which is to say our relationship with ourselves. Immature, egoic, seeking comfort and calling for revolution whilst sitting on our thrones eating cake.

Nothing has gone wrong, for nothing can actually happen. It is a nightmare that reflects our soul sickness, and it is necessary.

That is our power to change the dream. To recognise it is an illusion and to stop being so invested.

To recognise it is a necessary illusion, for it is the path to our awakening. It is everything and nothing.

Whilst we perceive in duality, right and wrong, good and bad, we are creating more of the nightmare we are seeking to end.

So it is time. It has landed on your doorstep. Good. Life has been this kind of nightmare for billions of others for centuries, and where was your outrage then?

Separation dualism has allowed us to protect ourselves from the discomfort and horror of what we have created with our spritualised ego and now that time is rapidly ending. We are all implicated and we are all sovereign. We must heal the sickness not add more fuel to the fire.

Use what is right in front of you to fuel your awakening to truth, not to create more division.

Let chaos and discomfort be your companion. Don’t reject it. Welcome the changing energy. It is necessary to shake us all from the slumber we have been indulging.

Wake up. Use this. It is the cause of healing. The only truth is that we are all walking each other home, as Ram Dass tells us, and we cannot free ourselves alone.

There is only one of us here. We made this. We can heal the dream of separation, but not through tribal warfare.

The choice, the action, the event in the dream is irrelevant.

This is why I train women as Priestess Mystic Leaders of nonlocal consciousness. This is the work.

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