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Who is the contemporary Priestess?

The Priestess is a powerful symbol for the Third Level program, and what she means to the program is explained in this video.

Who is the priestess to me and why do I use this archetype in the third level, and in the work that I do?

The priestess is a sacred feminine archetype, she has existed as part of our consciousness from the beginning of human civilization. Her work is to read the bridge between the divine or the fifth dimension (pure energy pure consciousness), and the third dimension or the level of form. The material plane, she is not aloof or separate from the 3D reality (the world of the Material Plane), she’s very much part of that world. She’s immersed in this world and her work is in service to this world. This is not through imitating the 3D world or just simply being part of the dream, but rather bringing the divine into that non material plane (the plane of pure consciousness) and being invested in the world. Her superpower, if you like, is to be able to see with spiritual sight and human sight at the same time, the coexistence of these two states is what creates the priestess archetype.
In my opinion, and certainly in the training that I offer as part of the third level, is that it’s the coexistence of the mundane and the extraordinary. The capacity to be in the world but to see the world from outside of it at the same time. So, the priestess is not sitting in a monastery or segregated from the world. She’s not the goddess on the mountaintop waiting to be worshipped. She is busy in the world and her service is wherever she is. It’s in the living rooms, it’s in the coffee shops, it’s in their birthing suites, it’s in the temples, it’s in the churches, it’s wherever the the woman who holds that archetype within her of the priestess shows up is where she will be doing her work. Her service is always to infuse the divine or the sacred into the mundane, so she brings holiness where others would only see the dirty, the lowly and the non-important. This doesn’t mean she is greater than and better than it simply means that she does not doubt her own sacred divinity she knows her spiritual self-esteem. She is absolutely certain of her purpose and her Worth and she knows her path is that of sacred service.

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