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Why Befriending My Fear Was The Best Thing Ever!!

Dr Manjot Garcha


I know. It sounds crazy.

Who wants to be even in the proximity of fear?

We are conditioned to run away at the first sighting of Fear, living in denial of this intense emotional energy.

Doing anything from hogging food, getting drunk or mindlessly shopping , just so we don’t come face to face with those fearful thoughts.

It’s hard enough to be spiritually asleep and live a human life.

But believe me, it can be far more frustrating when we are neither asleep nor awake.

As we delve deeper into the meaning of life and our purpose for being here on earth, we are required to acknowledge and accept our emotions, as they are.

Becoming self-aware gives you mental tools to identify and label your stuff but it will keep you stuck.

For all the so called spiritual conversations you might have, you still might be a complete mess in your personal life – feeling sad or angry or tired, sometimes without reason. And sometimes, on the merry go round of labelling the emotions in all the shades of grey but unable to get off it.

Energy healings work like band aids, keeping the shit together for a little while. And then Kaboom!!

It’s like two steps forward and one backward. The progress is tortuously slow. And you can’t figure out why you are feeling so stuck.

Well, it’s simple.

Not easy, but quite simple.

We are seeking joy or love or divine in the WRONG place.


But we are covered by layers upon layers of fear. Not only from this lifetime but all the fear accumulated with every life we have lived.

Sometimes, it’s ancestral. Often it’s cultural.

Our minds thoroughly conditioned to know fear and live in fear. Fear in our entire being- conscious and subconscious.

So when we try to meet the fear at a mental, intellectual level. When we try to analyse it, study it, label it. We don’t put a dent in its armour. Instead we become scholars of fear.

Knowing all the facts but ignorant about the field work.

And the only way to transmute fear is by becoming intimate with it.

By dancing with this energy.

At the level at which any real change can ever happen.

In the basement of our subconscious.

And in the chambers of our hearts.

When we let go of, of our fear of fear.

Then we can venture deeper into the shadows of our subconscious.

And meet fear face to face.

And it actually isn’t that fearsome at all.

We find that our ego was making mountains of molehills.

And holding us back from our true joyful state.

All because, it itself is fearful of annihilation.

Which of course, isn’t true.

So this year, I made a commitment.

A commitment to go deeper within myself.

To meet fear with fearlessness.

And I found it waiting for me.

Little fears and huge ones.

Obvious ones and hidden ones.

True for the ego and false ones.

And as I sat with each layer of fear.

Digging deeper and deeper.

Instead of engaging with it mentally, I was doing something different.

I was feeling it in my physical body. Giving it a location and number.

And then I entered the sacred chamber of my heart.

And let go of all thoughts about this fear.

For it’s been a long time wasted in thinking about it already.

Instead I chose to be the vibration of joy.

I chose to be grateful for every breath, every heartbeat.

Every moment of my life when I have felt God’s grace touch me.

Embrace me. Engulf me. Fill me. Hold me.

And in that beautiful place, 

I saw all fear melting away.

Like a wax candle placed in vicinity of sun.

And I witnessed—not mentally processed — this transmutation of fear into something beautiful.

And oh boy, am I glad.

And now fear is my best friend on this journey towards love, towards God. Showing me the way back home. By appearing when I forget who I truly am.



Dr Manjot Garcha is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Guide. She uses her understanding of physical and etheric to bring balance to women suffering from pain- physical, mental or emotional.She infuses the herbs and oils , used for therapies with energy healing and uses deep meditational tools to help the client gain greater understanding of their true nature.

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