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I have a brand new four-part training program that is beginning on Monday the 21st of January and is unlike anything I’ve done before. It really focuses on getting past the trinkets and superstitions of the new-age in regards to the conversations around spiritual leadership and around power in this new new-age.

Is right for you?

Spiritual leadership is an archetype. It’s an energy that we’re often drawn to as people on the path of sacred service and it’s also a path that we’re often terrified of. On the one hand, we’re pulled towards what we feel. There’s a yearning to go big to really expand into the world and we feel this absolute desire to embody the spiritual leader or the sacred leader. On the other we can sub-consciously be rejecting it through our actions, through our words and through our deeds.

So what is it about sacred leadership that’s scaring us and making us potentially sabotage our own path?

This program is for people who identify as spiritual leaders. It’s not introductory, it’s not basic, it’s not taking you through the 1, 2’s & 3’s. It’s very much a spontaneous kind of outpouring of everything that I wanted to say about leadership. My year-long program in the third level is an entire year of training as a spiritual leader so this is really a masterclass. It’s an intensive four-part primer for those who are on the path to spiritual leadership and want some professional development. Its for people who really want to support themselves and scaffold themselves but it is also for the aspirational spiritual leader. For those of you who are on the path of spiritual leadership already you’ll access it at a very high level but everybody will gain something from this.

So why are we are drawn towards this and why are we repelled by it?

When we are called towards the path of the spiritual leader (which is almost all of us) get really confused because we look around the world and we see how power has been abused. We see the patriarchy in which we live, we don’t feel safe to embody our power. So why do we have this internal battle that pulls us towards and pushes away from from the path of the spiritual leader? Well, leadership is innate within each and every one of us because those who can lead must and those who are willing to lead are being born onto this planet in bigger numbers than we’ve seen in any other generation. There is 7 billion people on this planet the majority of which are in darkness who believe that fear is real. They do not know they have a choice, have no idea what engineering consciousness means. So when we are called towards our own spirituality, in our own awakening, we automatically become attuned to the archetype of the spiritual leader.

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