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I wasn’t scheduled to do this post but I had quite an incredible dream last night. It’s been a long time since I have recalled my dreams or had such potent symbology as what happened last night. So, I want to share it with you because the information that was in the dream was so relevant for all of us who are on this path of service, particularly those of us who identify as the priestess. What I want to share with you is a little bit about two things – both a dream and what the part of the priestess.

I’ve been sharing on Instagram lately- one of the post was about if you are called to the past of the priestess, and a number of women have contacted me and asked “how do I know if I’m on that path” and I haven’t formulated a response yet. But I thought I’ll share my thoughts here because I want to clarify that this is not an exclusive path. This is a path that I have the definition of but it is a path that I believe is experiencing a zeitgeist and a renaissance and many many women are called to this path.

First let me begin with the dream. It was one of those experiences in a dream where the second you wake up in that state between sleeping and waking, the dreams deeper meaning starts to translate itself into something reasonable to understand in 3d reality. This was one of those moments where the symbol that I was given in the dream translated itself immediately.

I was in a beautiful spiritual shop with my priestesses and we were maybe on a retreat with these women and I felt really wonderful. I noticed that three men appeared in the shop and I was somehow privy to their conversation as though I was part of it, even though I wasnt. Two of the men were talking about the work they were planning to complete and one man was saying “remember what our agenda is remember, what we are here for”. His agenda was to continue the campaign that had been going on for many thousands of years to keep the Divine Feminine repressed and persecuted.

This was something I was observing in the dream but it was in the translation – in that moment of waking and sleeping where it all became to make sense. The two other men were saying “whatever, we’ve got all the power now I don’t we don’t care about the ongoing campaign”. It was like they were drunk on their own power. “We’ve got everything we wanted so why would we continue worrying about being strategic and continuing this campaign to keep the feminine repressed”.

I mean, talk about a freaking amazing dream!

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