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It is a commonly held belief in metaphysics that all of us are intuitive.

When I train my students in intuitive intelligence this is my philosophy.

But here’s the thing…

Yes, we are all intuitive but that doesn’t mean we have effortless access to our intuition. We are all capable of being bilingual but we don’t necessarily put the effort or time in to becoming so.

And so it goes for our intuition. We need to work for it.

I made a decision decades ago that I wanted to be an excellent intuitive. So I set out and I found a teacher. Every week I turned up to class to hone my craft.

From that day to this I have not stopped working on my innate skill as an intuitive. And yes, I get better all the time.

Most people assume that their intuition is somehow broken. We think we are making intuitive decisions that keep leading us down dead ends. We think that means we can’t trust out intuition. No, it only means we haven’t met our intuition yet. Because an activated intuition will not lead you the wrong way down a dark alley of despair.

The question I am asked most often is how can I tell the difference between my intuition and my fear? This question says a lot about how we feel about intuition as a society. It also tells me that we spend a great deal of time being afraid.

And yet the most fearless decision I have ever made was to live my life from my sixth sense.

The decision to live from intuition is a fearless one because we actually have to be prepared to get intimate with our ourselves and what is really motivating us. For most of us this is terrifying.

Part of the reason that the Institute is no longer using the word ‘lightworker’ is because, despite the power of this word, it can also lead us down the garden path. We can be fooled into believing that there are only fluffy clouds, happy thoughts and unicorns on our path to awakening. It is simply not true. Some days there will be. And other days there will be blood, sweat and tears. When we surrender judgement about the events that lead to our awakening we are aware that all our experiences are serving us. All of them. We don’t need to awaken through suffering. But we do need to stop judging the feelings, emotions and events of our life in such simplistic black and white terms.

Are you ready to meet your infinite power? This means going deep, not flitting from one shiny new object to the next. Go deep. Go meet all of the contents of you, not just the light. That’s where you will meet God.

We are all intuitive. This fact is so true that it is downright mundane. What we need now is a system to activate our intuition so we live from that state all the time.

I call this state Intuitive Intelligence. It is the way of living and it is also the practice to get us there. Intuitive Intelligence is a system. It is my system, the actual process I apply in my own life to keep me in that state of infinite power and inevitable success.

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