We’re Hiring a PR Assistant

We are looking to hire a PR Assistant to help Ricci-Jane Adams secure speaking opportunities and spread the mission and message of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence around the world.

Position: Virtual, Freelance/Contract
Location: Anywhere in the World
Availability: 2-3 hours per week (estimate)
Commencement: Ideally ASAP although commencement date is flexible.
Contract: Trial 3 months, looking for a 12 month retainer.

Our future PR Assistant is someone who is:

  • Social, loves networking and is well connected
  • Genuinely loves PR and helping people spread their message & mission.
  • Has PR experience & proven success within the Spiritual Development Industry.
  • Speaks fluent English

This role requires the following on a weekly basis:

  • Outreach & pitching to websites, podcasts, media outlets, interviewers, events.
  • Writing pitches to secure PR and Speaking opportunities.
  • Reviewing sites such as SourceBottle and HARO for media opportunities
  • Booking interviews and opportunities
  • Editing pitches and articles submitted for PR opportunities
  • Liaising with connections to secure partnerships, podcast appearances,
  • Supplying media kit information and marketing collateral to secured PR opportunities
  • Maintaining PR featured lists and logos on website

Success in this role looks like:

  • Securing at least 1 interview, speaking or podcast appearance every week.
  • Editing, submitting and successfully publishing at least 1 feature article or guest blog every month.
  • Getting published on at least 1 media opportunity every week.
  • Securing at least 1 major speaking engagement per quarter for Ricci-Jane Adams
  • Increasing the reach and audience of the Institute (measured by social followers, leads, website visits, podcast listeners)
  • Increased awareness of our Training Programs, books and resources.

About the Institute, Our Message, and why we need YOUR help…

The Institute is a world-class professional intuition training centre founded by Melbourne-based founder, author and speaker Dr Ricci-Jane Adams. The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® provides globally recognised, evidence-based, tertiary accredited programs to unlimit your intuition, your life and your success.

We lead the revolution in the intuitive sciences and sacred leadership by providing access to world-class, socially responsible, ethically informed and evidence based training programs, taught by highly trained, congruent and experienced mentors and teachers who are committed to their own ongoing professional, personal and spiritual development. Excellence, ethical service, the pursuit of spiritual innovation and ongoing research inform all of the activities of the Institute for this is how we believe we can take the new conversation on intuition to the world.

Founder Ricci-Jane Adams has spent the last 20 years on a quest to know the truth about intuition – how it works, what it is, where it emerges from, why it works, and even when it works! What she uncovered in the process of researching and living and teaching all that she was learning is a revolutionary method to increasing our innate intuition that has never failed. A method of turning on our intuition so that it becomes a state of being, not something that we tune in and out of.

Ricci-Jane’s vision became so very clear:

To train an extraordinary collective of people to take their intuition to the level of spiritual superpower, so that they can support others to increase their connection to their own deepest states of intuition.

The very purpose of our highest form of intelligence is not to let it lie dormant within us. Or worse still, to believe that it is always going to be ‘hit and miss’ or the ‘gift’ of a few special few. We are literally created to be in communion with Infinite consciousness through the technology of our intuition. The Cosmos is at our fingertips, and the extraordinary life we were born to live is waiting for us to show up to it. Intuitive Intelligence® guides us home to the truth that we are unlimited.

So it is time to change the conversation about intuition.

And the Institute was created to do just that.

And we’re looking to share this vision, mission and message with women all over the world so that we can see more extraordinary women increase their power to serve through their spiritual superpower – Intuitive Intelligence® – so that they can live life on purpose, in service to the greatest good, committing to go deeper, committing to themselves in a non-negotiable way and to take their place as the leaders of the new paradigm.

We want to see more women:


If this sounds like something you want to help us share with the world, I invite you to share a little bit about yourself with me…

How To Apply

Email [email protected] with the following:

  1. Subject line: I want to share your message
  2. Tell me about yourself. Where you’re from, what you do, why you do it, what you love about it.
  3. How you meet the position criteria mentioned above.
  4. Demonstrate your previous PR & spiritual industry experience.
  5. Share your biggest successes in getting people seen/heard online.
  6. Share your understanding of why you are the person we’re looking for in this role.
  7. Your perspective on our view of success in this position.

Your application can be written, a video submission, or include links to your website with packages and portfolio. Applicants who successfully respond to the criteria listed above will be invited to interview.

Applications close March 31st 2022.

We hope to be chatting with you very soon!