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Our fearlessness is what creates and optimises our intuition, our reality. Instead of living in survival mode, we are living in a state of optimised reality. If we are borrowing other people’s beliefs, we are also living inside the limits of those borrowed beliefs.

What is this idea of getting fearless?

To answer that question, first, we need to look at what it’s like to live beyond belief. Let’s start with looking at the relationship between fear and intuition.


One of the earliest titles for my book, Spiritually Fierce, was Fearless. If you want to live that is optimised, a life that is above and beyond anything that is possible, you need to do one thing.

Meet you fear.

Fear is not real. It’s an illusion. We still behave that it’s real though until we replace it with something much greater. That something greater is the unlimited human consciousness.

When you learn to live from your intuitive intelligence, your infinite and optimised consciousness, you also learn how to break the habit of thinking small. We are conditioned to live small realities and we accept far less than what we really are because we have no idea what it would feel like to live as optimised humans.

Everything around us is giving us messages on who and what we are. Everything around is telling us that we are limited and finite creatures. I’m not just talking about beliefs about yourself that you picked up from your parents through your upbringing.

I’m also talking about something so ingrained that it’s inside us on a subconscious level at the very core of our reality, including what we have inherited from our ancestors long before us.

We have been conditioned to believe that there is not enough out there for everyone and the only way to get everything we want is at someone else’s expense.

This is a core belief that we impose upon ourselves that’s not even ours, we are just borrowing it from the collective unconscious of humanity. This is a belief that also makes it impossible for intuition to thrive.

When we have a belief that we are separate from the infinite consciousness, intuition cannot thrive.

Intuition in and of itself, used only for your own purpose and benefit is denying its full potential. Intuition is a symptom and symptoms are the sign of something bad present. Reaching your potential with your intuition means you are recognising that there is a greater purpose to your life, a true meaning.

When you leave the lack mentality behind, you meet your own fear. That is how you optimise your own life and as such optimise the world for others.

Wim Hof, otherwise known as the Ice Man, puts his body into a condition that would be life-threatening to anyone else.

Or so we believe.

What if that is just one of those borrowed beliefs?

What if our limits are far greater than we have been led to believe?

The truth of intuition is that it’s a symptom of you leaning to live beyond the dimensions of form and matter. You are optimising your consciousness to move from the 3D form towards 5D which is the pure energy and consciousness. Towards becoming an optimised human being.

If you have the reality that you are pure consciousness then you can sit in sub-zero temperatures like Wim Hof and not be affected. You have replaced a limiting and borrowed belief with another dominant paradigm.

It’s clear that all belief is limiting you both on a conscious and subconscious level.

When you open up that awareness and recognise your infinite nature, you no longer have a belief that can harm you.

So, if this is the case then why are we still existing inside form dominant limits? Even quantum physics tell us that we are pure energy. It’s only the densest part of us is what has taken on form.

That form is the slowest vibrating particles of matter.

This is why it’s important that we question these limits. It’s showing our willingness to be fearless.

It is fear that usually stops us from questioning anything. I’m not talking about things like, should I continue to eat meat, or should I follow this particular modality. I’m talking about something way bigger. That is your willingness to consider the possibility that you are indeed infinite consciousness and that you are God.

Your unlimited consciousness is just on the other side of fear. That is power. It’s such power that many of us never allow ourselves into that state of questioning. We never question our beliefs and so we prevent ourselves from ever having to take responsibility for our own lives.

Our fear causes us to be more in this dense state of form so, on a quantum level, fear is slowing us down. We can actually become such a dense state that we are incapable of knowing our infinite nature. When we start working with our intuition consciously, we are breaking down that dense state.

We are breaking free.

When we are free, we are faster and we are lighter. Fear reduces our capacity to think imaginatively and see beyond what we think is possible. When we meet our fear and emancipate ourselves from it, we are literally lightening our load and raising ourselves up from our dominant physical reality ruled by our five senses.

Our sixth sense is what lets you release from that dominant fear paradigm. That is the power, beauty and benefit of becoming intuitively intelligent.

In this state, fear becomes a friendly ally. It shows us where we have left the path of fearlessness so we can return and no longer be vulnerable to that particular fear.

When we become aware of this process, fear becomes a part of our intuitive toolkit and we stop taking everything personally.

See the energetic patterns of the non-dominant senses. That is what I call spiritual sight.

Fear can masquerade as other things such as love. Sometimes we don’t create more for ourselves out of fear. Sometimes we accept far less than we are worth, our of fear.

Be grateful for what you have but don’t use it as an excuse to not achieve more. It’s easy to accept someone else’s definition of success and we can talk ourselves into the feeling that we have made it.

That’s just it.

It may be someone else’s idea of what your life should look like.

Our ego tells us not to take risks, not ask questions, not to go any further, just in case we lose out. If you listen to that, if you give into that, you will not follow your soul’s yearning.

You will lose what you have so far gained on your path to becoming fearless.

I am grateful for my domestic bliss and being a mother but what gets me out of bed every morning is the fact that I am able to go further towards intuitive intelligence. That is what satisfies my soul’s yearning.

We are afraid of losing what we have, so we stay small. We stay small, we lose small. We have been deeply indoctrinated to believe that questioning anything equals being ungrateful. That we should feel guilt and shame.

Let’s move beyond that.

All my love.

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